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Euro-Cabinetry | Classic Collection

Demetra offers 6 collections of Euro-Cabinetry, each with its own design character, style and door material. The wide varieties of our selection enable each customer to find the perfect expression of their personal expression and lifestyle. The chosen range - or even combination of two collections - create a design precisely to meet the customer’s taste for a unique kitchen, made to last a lifetime.

Here we will discuss the Classic collection and what details you can look forward to experiencing!

Demetra’s Classic collection features solid wood door, constructed with either a raised or recessed panel. We offer four wood species: maple, cherry, alder, hardwood painted grade, with 3 finish types: clear, stain and painted, and over 20 finish color options. All doors can be custom made to order with specific desired wood species, finish type and color. Our Water-based finish

What is your Water-Based Finish made of? Water Based Finish top coat is a water-borne coalescing finish. It is primarily acrylic with some polymer content. When applied on our flat-line finishing system, it is cured using a UV lamp. Product that cannot be finished on the flat-line finishing system is cured using heat. We use both pigmented and dying stains to achieve the look of your finish on your selected wood species. Why use water-based finished? Water-Based Finishes provides a beautiful appearance, stunning depth of look, and smooth, touchable feel that exceeds expectations! Environmental compliance is another key reason for choosing to use a water-based finish. Many solvents evaporate into what are known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Water-based coatings don’t necessarily contain zero solvents, though. Many contain what are called co-solvents, solvents present in lower concentrations and meant to help push the rest of the water out of the coating as it dries. But since water-based coatings have either no, or considerably less solvents, they are a great way to lower the VOC output.

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