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robern - vanity lighted mirror

Whether you’re primping, prepping, styling, or shaving, the perfect task lighting makes all the difference. The Vitality Lighted Mirror Collection combines optimal brightness, accurate color, and remarkable clarity, so you can start your day in a better light.

Vitality mirrors are available in a full assortment of shapes and sizes that fit seamlessly into your design.

Choose between two Kelvin ratings to create warm mood lighting or cool, energizing task lighting.

Dimmable lighting lets you select the ideal brightness for any task, using a standard residential dimmer that works with your home’s existing wiring.

Defogging technology ensures a clear reflection, so a steamy shower won’t slow down your mornings.

Quality of Light

Discover how quality task lighting can transform your routine. The Vitality™ Lighted Mirror Collection offers the best LED lighting output in its class — bright enough for precise tasks, dimmable for a relaxing bath, with precise color rendering and an even, consistent glow.

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